суббота, 21 сентября 2013 г.

Some animation


And here is a first screenshot. This is a beholder. It will be really hard for you to hide from that dangerous creature.

About the project

A Fistful of Yendors is a 3D video game in roguelike genre, that is currently under development. In this blog I will try to show you how development process going.

There will be a many features, that will distinguish this game from other roguelikes. Here is the list of most noticeable ones:

1. Nice 3D graphics. Graphics quality is always was a weak link in that genre. So, it will not anymore!
2. Procedural generation of everything. And by everything, I mean everything: levels structure, NPCs, their characteristics and set of abilities, and even that abilities themselves will be procedurally generated each time you start a new game. Which means really good replayability.
3. Rich crafting system, that will allow you to not only set some characteristics of a product, but lets you make fundamentally new items. For example, if you want a wand, that transforms your enemy into a chicken, and then curses it with a spell, that blinds and burns everyone, who will look on that chicken, you can made such wand! All depends on your imagination and crafting components.

And ofcource, the game will be a hardcore dungeon crawler with many quests, puzzles and adventures. You will swing your sword, throw fireballs, rise dead, lurk in shadows, starve, steal, and make many hard choices.

Target platforms are Windows, Android and iOS.